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Moemon Bonds is the Pokemon ROM Hack of FireRed version and you are able to enjoy features like Generation 8 Moemon, sidequests, a new storyline, Double MOEbattles galore, and many other features. This excellent Beta v1.0.2 version was created by “Fantaseed” and the last time it updated was in 2021. 

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The game starts with the chit-chat of your partner about barriers and your health and there you get to know what you have to do next in this game. This chat takes a lot of time, so you can skip it and start enjoying the gameplay. One best features of this game is the forward speed mechanism, which is so fast that you can easily go from one place to another in a short span of time. 

The availability of Fairy Type, EV-IV display screen, exclusive MOE moves, and many other interesting features will make this version pretty engaging for you. Moreover, the storyline is also pretty interesting, here you play the role of a MOEMON Latios berry-picker and unfortunately due to bad circumstances get cursed by the Moemon Goddess.

And to get through this curse you have to follow all the orders of Goddess and she is the one who sends you on multiple missions including the Moemon POACHING journey. On your journey, you will unveil a lot of mysteries and visit some pretty strange places that you haven’t seen in any other Pokemon game. 

Moreover, this version is a moderate difficulty level and you are able to play it on your Android phone as well by installing the My Boy emulator. The developer has also placed the age limit of 17+ on this game because of some numerous jokes and some sensitive chit-chat. 

How to play Moemon Bonds ROM on PC?

  1. It is a GBA ROM hack which is why playing it on your PC requires the GBA emulator and just like we follow the steps in Moemon Emerald ROM, we do the same for this game as well. 
  2. Also, if you have already installed the GBA emulator on your PC for any other Pokemon game then skip the emulator installation steps, just download the game ROM file, and open it in the emulator. 
  3. However, if you haven’t installed the emulator yet, then first click on the download emulator button and download the emulator on your PC. Just the game ROM file the emulator is also free of cost. 
  4. After downloading, open the emulator file and install it on your PC. 
  5. Next, just download the ROM file, extract it, and then open it in the emulator and start playing the game. 

Final Words:

Download Moemon Bonds ROM and start participating in the “FOLLOW ME” events and play numerous minigames. A new storyline, pretty wide areas to discover, and top of all Physical and Special split make this game one of the best, and that is the reason I am sharing it with all of you here. You will also experience some moves from Gen 4 in it as well. So, download it now and start enjoying it. Also, try other interesting Pokemon games as well, such as Mega Moemon FireRed.

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