Download Moemon Fire Red Revival Project GBA ROM

As the name suggests Moemon Fire Red Revival Project is the Pokemon ROM Hack of FireRed version, which is created by “Moetal” and it is the latest complete version where you enjoy plenty of new features. You are able to catch 386 Pokemon and the availability of the Pokemon remains the same. The developer has only changed the appearance of the characters, the gameplay, storyline, and locations are still the same. 

Moemon Fire Red Revival Project Image


This version of the Pokemon contains updated graphics and new characters. The developers have tried their best to increase the appearance of the characters, so the gamers enjoy the same version in a more engaging way. 

How to play Moemon Fire Red Revival Project ROM on PC?

  1. Just like many other Moemon games, such as Moemon Leaf Green, this one also supports the GBA emulator. 
  2. So, first, download the emulator from this page and then install it on your PC. 
  3. The installation of the latest version of the GBA Emulator might take some time, which is why you should have to wait for it. 
  4. After the complete installation next download the game ROM file the link is available at the top of this page. 
  5. And after that extract the file from the ZIP folder and open it in the emulator to play the game. 
  6. Follow these simple steps as I have explained them to you and start enjoying the game. 

Final Words:

Download Moemon Fire Red Revival Project ROM which is a GBA-based Pokemon ROM hack and you will enjoy it a lot. Moreover, on this site there are many other Pokemon and Moemon games available free of cost, such as Pokemon Legends Arceus ROM, so download them from here and enjoy the gameplay.

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