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Moemon Mystical is developed by Gary and it is a Pokemon ROM Hack of FireRed version. This “Completed v1 Fixed” version was last updated in 2019. This version contains pretty interesting features such as the addition of new regions, Updated battle systems, multiple improvements in the graphics, and a lot of new locations as well. Moreover, if you don’t know much about this Moemon Mystical version then I suggest you read this complete article.  

Moemon Mystical ROM Feature Image


The starting of this ROM version is pretty unique, instead of Professor or any Pokemon you will see girls riding bicycles, jumping and playing in the fields, and doing some fun activities. The pretty relevant background music and attractive graphics make the whole gameplay quite interesting. 

We offer you the English language version of this game, which makes this version understandable for almost everyone. In this version, you are able to explore a wide-open world that you can explore to unfold all the mysteries and complete all the missions. Moreover, if you feel stuck at any point, then just visit the map and find the right place to go. 

How to play Moemon Mystical ROM on PC?

  1. It is a GBA-supportive ROM hack which is why to run it on a PC you have to install the GBA emulator first. 
  2. The download link of the emulator and the ROM file is available on this page, so just download the GBA emulator from here and install it on your PC. 
  3. Next, download the ROM file and extract it right away to get the game file. 
  4. After that, open the ROM file in the emulator or just drag it from the download folder and drop it in the emulator and the game will be ready to play. 

Final Words:

Download the Moemon Mystical ROM version and you are able to enjoy a new Pokemon ROM Hack in a pretty interesting way. This version contains new features and introduces many new characters to you, so download it now and enjoy. Also, try other games as well, such as Moemon Heart Gold ROM.

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