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The Moemon Platinum ROM that you get from this page is a complete version that was created by “moemon” and it is the Pokemon ROM Hack of Platinum version. We offer you the latest version which was last updated in 2019 and it contains features like New moves and abilities, many New characters, updated graphics, and a lot of new guardians events to participate in. Moreover, you are also able to enjoy a new storyline and explore a completely new region which makes this version more interesting for you. 

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The gameplay is pretty interesting where you are able to capture a lot of new Pokemon and enjoy pretty interesting soundtracks. At the start, you will see Professor Rowan and at that very point you are able to get the complete information about the adventures, controls, and about other essential things. 

One thing which might seem weird to you is the dialogue that hasn’t been replaced. That is why you will see Pokemon everywhere instead of Moemon. You will explore the complete Sinnoh and Kanto Region where a lot of new areas have been added that you haven’t explored yet. 

Moreover, the graphics of this version have also been updated, you will see snowy mountains, rainy forests, changing of days into nights, and many other features which will provide you with a pretty engaging experience. Remember that if you want to explore the complete area visit the game Map section and visit the new places. 

How to play Moemon Platinum ROM on PC?

  1. Moemon Platinum is an NDS ROM version, so playing it on your PC requires an NDS Emulator. 
  2. So, download the NDS emulator first then the ROM file to enjoy the game on your PC. 
  3. First, click on the download Emulator button and get the latest version NDS emulator, and then install it on your PC. 
  4. The installation might take some time and once it is complete next download the game ROM file. 
  5. Extract the game folder from the ZIP and then open it in the emulator. 
  6. After that, the game will be ready to play. 

Final Words:

Download Moemon Platinum ROM and you are able to enjoy many new features and get to know about new characters as well. This English language version is totally free and contains pretty engaging gameplay for all, so download it now and start enjoying it. Also, you can play many other games in this series as well, such as Moemon Revival Ruby.

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