Moemon Revival Ruby Download (v2.0.0)

As you can see in the name as well, the Moemon Revival Ruby game is the Pokemon ROM Hack of Ruby Version, and this version is created by “CaptainSpectacular.” We offer you the English language version which was last updated in 2019. And in this game, you are able to enjoy many New Moemons with completely new styles. 

Moemon Revival Ruby Image


As you might know that the Moemon is a cute version of Pokemon and in all the Moemon games you will see new characters that have replaced the old ones. The look of these Moemon is quite similar to the cosplaying girls of both a friendly and evil nature. Those who want to enjoy the Pokemon games in a different manner should try these versions where new features, regions, movesets, and the best new characters are available to be played. And if you want to know about the abilities and features of all the characters then visit the game Moemon section of the game and select the character you want to know about. Moreover, the gameplay is quite the same, you have to complete the missions for the professor, and on your journey, you will take all the decisions to enjoy the game. 

How to Play Moemon Revival Ruby Game on PC?

  1. Just like other Moemon Versions, such as Mega Moemon FireRed, this version also supports GBA Emulator, so you have to install it on your PC if you haven’t installed it yet. 
  2. The download link of the GBA Emulators is also available on this site as well, so you can download it from here and then install it on your PC. 
  3. After that click on the “Download ROM” button to get the ROM file and then extract it. 
  4. Now open the game file in the emulator and then the game will start. 

Final Words:

Download Moemon Revival Ruby GBA ROM and enjoy the same Pokemon Ruby game in a different yet interesting manner. Both the Game ROM file and the emulator are free of cost, so you download it right away and start enjoying it.

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