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Pokemon Advanced Adventure

Pokemon Advanced Adventure ROM is the Hack/remake version of FireRed Game and just like the original version this one also contains interesting gameplay. You are able to get the generation 5 Pokemon, New Pokemon sprites, explore new regions, and many more. This ROM Hack is developed by “dbzmay” and this version contains a completely new storyline. Also, on this page, we provide you with the “2018 Final Release” version of this game, which is totally free for all. 


At the start of this game, you meet with Professor Oak and just after that, you get the Pikachu as your starter Pokemon. You also visit the lab on the professor’s call but unfortunately, before you get to that place to claim your Pokeball, the professor’s grandson reaches that place and confiscates it from the lab, and runs from there. 

Now it is your duty to stop the grandson of the professor as well as his 8 Subordinates. And this way your journey of the exploration of the Pokemon world has started. You will start your journey from the Hero’s Town where the lab and your house are located and soon you will start to visit other parts of the world as well. 

On your journey, you will also meet with other characters who are facing many difficulties from these bad guys and asking for your help. You also get to know about some personal details of your family, but these are just for entertainment, it doesn’t link with the actual gameplay. 

How to play Pokemon Advanced Adventure ROM on PC?

  1. If you haven’t played any ROM Hack yet then let me tell you the simplest way to play it on PC. 
  2. Most of the Pokemon Games require the emulator to play and in this regard, there are plenty of different emulators available. 
  3. In the case of this game, the emulator you need to install on your PC is GBA Emulator. 
  4. The link to the GBA Emulator is available on this page, so you can download it from here as well. 
  5. Next, install the emulator by just double-clicking on the emulator file and once the installation completes, get the ROM file of the game and open it in the emulator. 
  6. With these simple steps, you can easily play this game on your PC. 

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Advanced Adventure ROM which contains features that are new and interesting. You are able to catch plenty of new Pokemon and meet with new characters and top of all enjoy the engaging gameplay. Also, try Pokemon Perla ROM.

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