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The Pokemon Apollo ROM game is developed by “MrDollSteak” and it is the ROM Hack of the FireRed Version. Just like the original game this Hack version is also engaging and provides you the opportunity to enjoy features like new items such as Glow Stone, new starters, physical and special splits, and many more. If you are new to this game then I suggest you explore all the areas to complete the missions because this is the only way you get the badges in this game. 


Playing this game is so much fun because as compared to other games in this version you will play the role of a villain who steals things, robs in the towns, and is involved in all sorts of illegal activities. And just like in other Pokemon games where by completing the missions you will move to other parts of the world, here by doing bad things like robbing the trainers, new parts will open. 

At the start, you will see the in charge of the Team Rocket, Giovanni, who is trying their level best to capture all the Pokemon for their own benefit. And same like this you have to do all such deeds and be a supporter of capitalism. When you start playing the game Giovanni will call you for your very first mission and this way the game will start. 

As it is the start of your career as a member of Team Rocket, you have to complete the missions to increase your rank in the team and eventually be their head. Moreover, you also need the start Pokemon and Giovanni is the one who will provide you with that. There are three new starters available: Ekans, Koffing, and Grimer, so it is up to you which one you like to select. 


Play as Team Rocket: 

Instead of playing the role of a budding Pokemon Trainer, in Pokemon Apollo, you’re thrust into the shoes of a Team Rocket Grunt.

Captivating Missions: 

Your journey isn’t about collecting badges or becoming the Pokemon Champion. Instead, you’ll undertake missions given by Team Rocket’s higher-ups, ranging from stealing Pokemon to sabotaging opponents. 

Unique Capture Mechanism: 

The standard practice of catching wild Pokemon in tall grass is still available, but now you can also confiscate Pokemon from unsuspecting trainers after defeating them in battles. This mechanic truly emphasizes the essence of being a Team Rocket member.

New Dialogue & Encounters: 

Interactions throughout the game are reimagined. Conversing with NPCs and key characters offers insights into how the world views Team Rocket. Expect to see familiar faces, like Giovanni, in new lights.

Altered Maps & Locations: 

While the game is set in the familiar Kanto region, various locations have been tweaked to reflect the Team Rocket-centric narrative. This includes Team Rocket hideouts and secret bases. Apart from that some of the most famous cities and locations are also available in this game, such as Cinnabar Island, Saffron City, Vermilion City, Cerulean City, and others. 

Custom Music & Graphics: 

To further immerse players in the Team Rocket saga, Pokemon Apollo incorporates modified tunes and graphics. The ambiance captures the rogue and mischievous tone of the game flawlessly.

How to play Pokemon Apollo ROM on PC?

  1. Playing this game is simple on your PC, all you have to do is install the GBA emulator on your PC to run the game on it. 
  2. If you have already played any Pokemon game on this site then you surely know the complete steps, if not then let me explain it again to you. 
  3. The very first step is getting the emulator from the upper available link, after that start the installation process. 
  4. The next step is interesting, download the game from this site and open the game in the emulator, this way the game will start. 

Final Words:

The Beta 0.3 version of Pokemon Apollo ROM that I am providing you here contains many interesting features, some are unique while the others you have also experienced in many other Pokemon games as well like days and night system, TM & HM, and updated graphics. Moreover, on this site, you are also able to play other games as well, such as Pokemon Sacred Gold ROM.

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