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Pokemon Armageddon ROM is the Hack of the “FireRed” version and it was last updated in 2019. It is in beta testing mode which is why you are not able to enjoy the complete version for now, but there are chances you will get the complete version soon. 


Discover the New Astra Region:

The region of Astra awaits with its diverse landscapes, each with its own unique charm and challenges. You will also explore the cities, which are bustling hubs of activity, with Pokemon Centers, shops, and NPCs offering quests that will draw you into the region’s rich history and culture. Moreover, you will also explore Grasslands, Towing Mountains, deserts, and many other new areas. 

New Pokemon:

You are able to catch 386 unique Pokemon from this game, which belongs to the first three generations. So, discover and catch all these Pokemon and form your dream team. 

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In this game, you step into the shoes of an ex-rebel who unites with famed trainers Lance and Ash on a mission to foil Giovanni’s nefarious plan to capture all the Pokemon in the world. Also as you go further into the game’s story, you’ll find that it’s not just a straightforward story with clear-cut good guys and bad guys. Instead, there are many secrets and surprising details that make the story more complex and interesting. 

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