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Pokemon Ash Orange League ROM is the hack of the FireRed Game version, which was developed by an Indian name “Ankit Kumar” and the best feature is that it is a complete version that was last updated in 2020. Also, just like most of the other versions of the Orange series, such as the Pokemon Orange version, here you will also explore Orange islands. 

About Pokemon Ash Orange League ROM:

Another interesting feature to know here is that as a player you will face a total of 5 Gym leaders in this version of which 4 are regular leaders and the last one is the supreme leader, whose name is Drake. Fighting with the gym leaders is a bit challenging, so you have to prepare for it first and then start the fight. This way you are able to win the battles and get the Orange Badges to be the champion of the Orange League. Moreover, you are able to play as Ash Ketchum in this version. And same as other Pokemon games in this version you also get the choice of three starter Pokemon and you have to select one from them. 

How to play Pokemon Ash Orange League ROM on PC?

  1. The best emulator that can easily play this game on your PC is GBA, this emulator is used to play a wide range of other Pokemon games as well. 
  2. You can download this emulator from this page and install it on your OC
  3. The installation takes a little time, so in the meantime, you can download the ROM file of this game, which is also available at the top of this page 
  4. Next, open the game file after the complete installation of the emulator and the game will start. 

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Ash Orange League ROM where you are able to play the role of Ash Ketchum, one of the most famous characters of the Pokemon game series. Also, the new features, interesting gameplay and many other items that are available in the Orange Islands will surely make your game journey a bit interesting, so download this game and start enjoying playing.

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