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Pokemon Blaze Black ROM is the Hack version of the Black game and in this hack version, you are able to catch the first 5 generation Pokemon and enjoy many other features that are not even available in the original Pokemon Black Game. It is a complete version that was first released in 2011 and since then it has been quite a playable game by many gamers. One of the main reasons why this game was played so much is its availability in the English language, which is widely understandable throughout the world. 


Pokemon Blaze Black shines with an array of features designed to elevate the gaming experience:

Expanded Pokedex: 

I am sure you will be surprised to know that you are able to catch and battle with over 649 Pokemon from Generations I to V, all available before conquering the Elite Four. This inclusivity ensures a strategic depth that keeps trainers guessing and strategizing.

Enhanced Difficulty: 

To provide a more challenging gameplay experience and make things a lot more interesting, the makers have increased the difficulty level of this Pokemon Blaze Black ROM version. Now the other trainers and the wild Pokemon have better movesets, and the AI has been sharpened to provide a more cunning opposition. So, be ready to enjoy the best gameplay experience. 

Updated Move Sets and Abilities: 

Pokemon in Blaze Black have updated move sets and abilities that reflect the most competitive battling scenes, offering a fresh take on battles.

Revised Evolutionary Chains: 

Certain Pokemon now evolve through different methods, making it easier for trainers to evolve their companions without the constraints of trading. 


The core storyline mirrors the original Pokemon Black narrative but with notable twists that keep the tale fresh. You begin your quest in Nuvema Town, receiving your first Pokemon from Professor Juniper, and quickly you’re drawn into a new world where you will fight with the enigmatic Team Plasma. Also, throughout your quest, you’ll encounter familiar faces, but they come with new dialogues and enhanced roles that flesh out the story even more.


Strategic Battles: 

With the revamped difficulty, to win, you have to fight with a thorough strategy and foresight. You’ll need to plan your moves, anticipate your opponent, and try to overcome their every action. 

Diverse Encounters: 

The variety of Pokemon available means you’ll never grow tired of the same old encounters. Each area brings a chance to capture a new ally for your team. This way you will become stronger as you move ahead. 

How to play Pokemon Blaze Black ROM on PC?

  1. You are able to play this game on multiple different emulators, such as DeSmuME, melonDS, and others. Moreover, with NDS4ios you can even play this game on your iPhone. 
  2. So, install any one of these emulators on your device, and after that open this game on it. 
  3. This way the game will start.

Final Words:

Believe me, you might have tried the original version of this game, but the features and the interesting gameplay experience that Pokemon Blaze Black ROM Hack provides are not available in any other original game. So, try this game and many others that are available on this website for free, such as Pokemon Flawless Platinum ROM, which is also an NDS game. 

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