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Just like the other games available on this site, Pokemon Blazed Glazed ROM is a ROM Hack version. “Toduo” has developed version 1.3 and it is based on Pokemon Emerald. Moreover, in this version, you will experience a lot of improvements, such as the addition of generation 4, 5, and 6 moves, a lot of new Pokemon, and many more. 

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The game will start at the “Tunod Region”, where you explore a lot of cities, and many mysterious places as well. The Pokemon Professor named Willow will welcome you into the game and provide you with the basic information about it, this way you will get familiar with the gameplay and start the game. 

Keep in mind that, just like many other Pokemon games, the role of the professor is pretty important here. Because the professor will guide you in this journey as well as provide you with the starter Pokemon. The start of the game is not similar to the original version, instead of waking up in the house, you find yourself in a mysterious place.

You will find a friend there who will take you to a safe place in the GleanWood Town and here you will meet your mom and dad. Your parents will describe their recent visit to Chocco Town and ask you to visit the Professor Lab and there you get the choice of 5 different starter Pokemon and you have to select any one from it. 

The list of starter Pokemon are:

  1. Turtwig, the Grass-type Starter Pokemon. 
  2. Chimchar, the Fire-type Starter Pokemon
  3. Piplup, the Water-type Starter Pokemon
  4. Shinx, the Electric-type Starter Pokemon
  5. Riolu, the Fighting-type Baby Starter Pokemon

How to play Pokemon Blazed Glazed ROM on PC?

  1. To run this ROM version on your PC requires a GBA Emulator, just like Pokemon Legends Arceus ROM. So, download the emulator first and then install it on your PC. 
  2. For your ease, I have also provided the download link of the emulator on this page as well. 
  3. After the complete installation of the emulator, next, download the game ROM file. 
  4. The ROM file is in the ZIP folder, so you have to extract it first and then open it in the emulator. 
  5. Follow these simple steps and you will be able to play the game on PC. 

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Blazed Glazed ROM and here you are able to explore completely new areas, enjoy the addition of Movepool, altered wild distributions, movesets, and rosters completely changed and the availability of many new features make this version one of the best.

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