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Pokemon Blue Kaizo ROM is the ROM Hack of Blue version, which is created by “SinisterHoodedFigure”. This complete version was last updated in 2016 and it contains more interesting features as compared to the original version. You are able to catch 151 Pokemon creatures and face more difficult gameplay in it. That is why you have to sharpen your skills and try your level best to catch the most powerful Pokemon in it. 

Pokemon Blue Kaizo ROM Feature Image


Before explaining to you the gameplay let me provide you with important information about all the other features of it. Initially, you get only one potion and the starter Pokemon from Professor Oak and soon after that, your first mission will get started. 

The evil Team Rocket is also available in this version and their members keep attacking you, so always be ready for the attack. While exploring different areas, be aware of the grass because enemies are waiting for you there. 

Developers have also increased the difficulty level in this version by providing more powerful Pokemon to your enemies. Moreover, one thing you really enjoy in this updated version that is you are able to catch the Pokemon in a quite in

How to play Pokemon Blue Kaizo ROM on PC?

  1. It is a GBA-based ROM which is why you have to download the GBA emulator first and install it on your PC before getting the game. 
  2. Both the emulator and the game ROM file are totally free for everyone. That is why without any wait just click on both the download button one after the other and get the game and the emulator file. 
  3. After the installation of the emulator, the next thing you have to do is adjust the settings and then open the ROM file in the emulator. 
  4. The installation of the emulator might take some time but there is no need to worry at all, after that, you won’t face any kind of issue while playing the game. 

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Final Words:

Download Pokemon Blue Kaizo GBA ROM and you are able to catch a lot of Pokemon, explore the complete area, and enjoy a lot of other features. If you have played the original version then you will realize that the map of this game has changed a lot along with the places where you find the Pokemon. 

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