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Pokemon Brown version is the ROM Hack of Pokemon Red which is developed by “Koolboyman” and it contains over 250 different types of Pokemon, more than 40 battle modes, many new characters, etc. If you are new to this game then I am sure that you will enjoy exploring all the features in it. 


Among all the interesting features of this game, the one that will keep you entertained is the availability of a completely new region named Rijon where you see many new types of Pokemon, unique attractive areas, and complete many new missions. The new region consists of 11 Cities which means it is a pretty vast area to visit. Moreover, you will also face new rivals and get to know new friends as well. Remember that contrary to the original Red version this version is more difficult. 

How to play Pokemon Brown ROM on PC?

  1. This updated version of Pokemon Brown Hack required the GBC Emulator to run on a PC. 
  2. So, first, download the emulator from this page, and after that install it on your PC which might take some time. 
  3. You also have to do all the settings of the emulator as well and for this just follow the instructions which you see after opening the emulator. 
  4. After the complete settings the next steps are pretty simple, select the game ROM file and open it in the emulator. 
  5. And after that, the game will start on your PC. 

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Brown ROM where you are able to trade difficult Pokemon to get new ones, get to know about new types of Pokemon, and top of all you will experience the joy of new movesets. This game is the complete package of entertainment for everyone. And if you want to enjoy any other game then also try Pokemon Liquid Crystal ROM.

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