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Pokemon Clockwork ROM is a new addition to the list of Pokemon ROM Hacks and it contains unique features that are not available in most of the other games of this genre. You are able to explore a completely new region named Rosari, which contains Clocktower City, forests, ocean, mountains, and many other interesting places to visit. You are also able to participate in the quests and enjoy 40+ hours of gameplay. 

About Pokemon Clockwork ROM:

One thing that makes the battles in this game pretty interesting is the dynamic battle system where you can evolve your selected Pokemon to make them more robust ones and increase the excitement and make the gameplay more engaging.

The Pokemon creatures available in this region are from the first 4 generations. Due to the presence of interesting graphics all the areas and the appearance of the Pokemon creatures seem more attractive, so explore the complete areas and catch your selected Pokemon. 

Moreover, the main villain of this game is the Team Epsilon, which at the start is just like a rumored one but soon after completing the quests, you will find great discoveries about it. Another interesting feature of this version is time traveling where you can visit the past and present. 

How to play Pokemon Clockwork ROM on PC?

  1. The emulator you need to play this game on PC is GBA.
  2. Download the GBA emulator and install it on your PC and after that load the game ROM file that is available on this website.
  3. This way the game will start on your PC.

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Clockwork ROM which is an interesting Hack and contains pretty engaging features for you. This version is free for everyone which is why you can easily download it from this website and by using the emulator start enjoying it on PC. You are also able to try other Pokemon games as well, such as Pokemon Peridot.

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