Download Pokemon Cosmic Emerald GBA ROM

Pokemon Cosmic Emerald is the ROM hack of the Pokemon Emerald version which is developed by “SkyVortex”. We are providing the download link of the complete version which was last updated in 2019, so you are able to enjoy all the latest features in it. You are able to catch 386 Pokemon that belong to the first three generations and other features, such as the day & night system, best upgraded & repeal system and multiple events like many others are also available. If you have played the previous version of this game then you know that it had a lot of glitches, however, in this version everything is solved. 

Pokemon Cosmic Emerald GBA ROM Download


What really makes this version pretty interesting is the addition of multiple new items and features. And also remember that this version contains the same storyline and gameplay just like the original version. Moreover, you will see more legendary Pokemon, enjoy the reusable TMs feature, different events in days & nights, and most importantly you can use the same Pokemon repeatedly until you will capture the Pokemon. Owing to all these features this game became one of the best Pokemon ROM Hack. You will also face some difficult game challenges in it, but what good in it if there is no difficulty at all.

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How to play Pokemon Cosmic Emerald ROM on PC?

  1. Almost every gamer wants to enjoy the games on the big screen of their PC, so for those, the emulator plays a pretty important role. 
  2. In the case of this Pokemon Cosmic Emerald ROM Hack version where to play it on PC, you required GBA Emulator. 
  3. So, download the emulator from this page and then install it on your PC. 
  4. And after the complete installation download the game ROM file, double click on it to get the game folder.
  5. And after that open that game folder on the emulator to start playing it. 

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Cosmic Emerald GBA ROM from this site and experience the same gameplay with a lot more features. We offer you the English language version so you are able to understand it fully as well as this version contains excellent graphics, so download it now and start enjoying it.

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