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Pokemon Crystal Advance ROM is a FireRed version Hack and it was last updated in 2022. “Kertra” who is the developer of this version has added many important locations and pretty interesting gameplay in it. And if you want to know about this version fully then for you here is a comprehensive guide about it where I will discuss the gameplay, features, and storyline of this game. 


Pokemon Crystal Advance ROM takes the tried-and-true gameplay formula of the original Pokemon games and masterfully adjusts it to the Advance platform. Players begin their journey in the Johto region, equipped with a Pokedex and the classic goal of capturing and training Pokemon.


Trainers face off in turn-based battles where strategy, type matchups, and timing are crucial. The Elite Four await those skilled enough, providing a true test of a trainer’s prowess.


There is no doubt that both the Johto and Kanto regions are full of adventure and in this version both of these are available. Hidden secrets, diverse terrains, and various Pokemon habitats keep you intrigued throughout their journey.

Trading & Battling: 

With the Advance’s connectivity, players can trade Pokemon to complete their Pokedex or battle against friends to test their teams. Currently, there are 251 Pokemon available in this game that you are able to catch and participate in the battles. 


In Pokemon Crystal Advance ROM, the narrative is reminiscent of the original Crystal game but with added nuances.

The player starts as a young trainer in New Bark Town. After receiving their first Pokemon from Professor Elm, they are entrusted with a task – to receive a mysterious Pokemon egg from a fellow researcher. However, this simple task spirals into a grand adventure when a Pokemon from the Team Rocket gang is spotted.

As players traverse through Johto, they’ll unravel Team Rocket’s nefarious plots, aiming to restore the gang’s former glory. Concurrently, they’ll also encounter the enigmatic Suicune, a legendary Pokemon with a unique connection to the Crystal version.

Beyond the Team Rocket narrative, the player’s journey to become the Pokemon Champion by defeating gym leaders, the Elite Four, and the current champion remains central.

Unique Features:

Animated Sprites:

One of the standout features of Pokemon Crystal Advance ROM is the animated Pokemon sprites. Every time a Pokemon enters a battle, you are greeted with a fluid animation, making the battles livelier.

Suicune Centric Plot: 

Unlike its Gold and Silver counterparts, Crystal has a pronounced emphasis on Suicune, which is a pretty powerful Pokemon. You will have several encounters with this majestic Pokemon, culminating in a climactic battle.

Battle Tower: 

An additional challenge for trainers, the Battle Tower offers a venue where players can take on waves of trainers and aim for win streaks, providing both challenge and replayability.

Female Protagonist: 

Crystal Advance ROM was among the first in the series to introduce a choice of gender for the main character. This inclusivity allowed a broader audience to connect with the game on a personal level.

Room Decoration: 

You can collect and place various decorative items in their room, personalizing their space and adding a touch of uniqueness to their journey.

How to play Pokemon Crystal Advance ROM on PC?

Many are asking to provide a simple way to enjoy this game on PC. Therefore, here I am sharing with you pretty simple steps to enjoy this game fully. 

  1. First, you have to install an emulator, just like you do for most of the other Pokemon games.
  2. After that, you have to download the game ROM file on your PC.
  3. Load the game ROM file in the emulator and the game will start. 


Pokemon Crystal Advance ROM is the best Pokemon game and after reading this complete article, I am sure you also agree with me. Moreover, there are many other Pokemon gamers are also available free of cost on this website, like Pokemon Shining Opal ROM.

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