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Pokemon CrystalDust Version is the ROM hack of the Emerald version, which was created by Sierraffinity and last updated in 2021. On this page, we are providing you the complete v3.0.0 Alpha 0.5 English language version that has all the interesting features such as the availability of Pokegear, a Custom day/night system, and many more. 

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Download Pokemon CrystalDust ROM:

In this version, you will experience pretty enhanced graphics, a lot of improvements, and plenty of memorable characters. If you have played the Pokemon Crystal Version you will see quite similar features in it, the developers have used both the Emerald and Crystal version codes in the creation of this fabulous version that you are now able to play on PC, Android, iOS, or any device you like. 

Moreover, some of the most interesting places in the Johto region have also been recreated in it. You are able to visit Goldenrod City, Ecruteak City, and many other remarkable places with new graphics. And the best thing is that you will face new challenges that are not available in the previous versions. So we can say that it might be the recreated version but able to provide you with a unique gaming experience. 

You are also able to get access to the PokeGear in it as well as do rematch with Gym Leaders. If you are a pro-Pokemon game lover then you know how much PokeGear is important, only because of this you are able to get access to the Map and enjoy a lot of other features.

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How to play the CrystalDust version on PC?

Although in the past the Pokemon games were only able to be played on a console, however, after the advent of emulators and these ROM Hacks now it has become easy to enjoy such games on any device we like. And these are the steps that you should take to play this game on your PC. 

  1. First, you have to download both the game’s ROM file as well as the GBA emulator file. 
  2. After that install the emulator on your PC. Just double-click it and the downloading process will start automatically. 
  3. Next, extract the game file from the downloaded ZIP folder. 
  4. Select that game file and drop it in the installed emulator software. 
  5. After that it requires some settings, do it as mentioned in the notification which will pop up on the screen. 
  6. And after some time the game will be ready to enjoy. 

Final Words:

After reading all about the game I am sure you understand that this fan-made Pokemon CrystalDust version is never less than the original version in terms of features, gameplay, music, and top of all availability of Pokemon creatures.

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