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Pokemon Dark Crystal ROM is not an original game but a ROM hack that was created by Xencleamas and it was last updated in 2015. The version we are offering you here contains many features, such as a lot of missions where you can obtain unique items and you are also able to catch rare Pokemon. Moreover, to increase the engagement the makers have also rearranged the music and added a new Repel System like the one you experience in Pokemon White 2 and Black 2 Versions.

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Contrary to other Pokemon games where the main story starts with the protagonist, here you see the professor. Professor is a woman who is doing some research on Pokemon and in this regard, she has visited a lot of other regions as well. However, after the return to the Hairo region, she remembers three young children who had a high potential of becoming the best Pokemon Trainers. 

So, she has decided to visit the Sketchy Town where these three lives and shows them the path to follow. These three started their journey to becoming the Pokemon League Champions. And on this journey, you will fight with the GYM Leaders, Elite Four, and special trainers. Moreover, an evil group named Team Enigma is also present in this version and you have to find their sinister plans and many other truths. 

List of New Features:

  1. Availability of 721 new Pokemon creatures of generation 6. 
  2. New Movesets, Mega Evolution, and some other Custom Moves are also present for better defense in the battle. 
  3. Generation 6 abilities
  4. Fairy Type 
  5. Physical/Special/Status Split
  6. New Repel System
  7. Poison Survival Style
  8. Infinite TMs
  9. Easter Eggs
  10. And many others. 

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How to play Pokemon Dark Crystal ROM on PC?

  1. We use the GBA emulator to run this game on Emulator and for your ease, I have provided the step-by-step guide, so you can easily play it on your PC. 
  2. The first step is downloading the emulator on your PC, we have provided you the link so just simply download it. 
  3. After that open the downloaded file to initiate the installation process, which might take a little time.
  4. Once you are done with all the upper defined steps the next step is simple, just download the ROM file of the game. 
  5. Extract that file and then open it in the emulator to play the game. 

Final Words:

We offer you the English language version of Pokemon Dark Crystal ROM that is totally free, so just simply download it and start enjoying it. A lot of unique features that I have already explained, new gameplay and an interesting storyline make this game the best of all. So, you should try it as well. 

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