Pokemon Dark Energy ROM Download

The Pokemon Dark Energy Version is the ROM hack of the Pokemon Silver version, which was designed by Miksy91. This team of developers has tried their best to provide you the most adventurous experience in this Pokemon version and that is why they have added features like unique storyline, multiple sidequests, and changes in the Trade evolution. 

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The game depicts the time when peace has enveloped the whole world, however, as we know that nothing is permanent in this world, so do the good times. Now things are starting to change, a new character has appeared from nowhere and started to build an organization for its mysterious places and it’s your duty to unfold all the mysteries. 

The name of this strange character is Maxime and he is the one who is collecting the magical orbs. As you are the main protagonist of the game, your journey will start with the exploration of the Rocky Mountains for university research. As soon you move ahead your journey will become more challenging and you get to know a lot of new characters. 

The storyline of this game is pretty unique, you get to know about the historic scripts and a lot of new items. Also, remember that you are in 1571, and as things are not advanced at that time, you will see a lot of things that you haven’t seen before. That is why I must say if you also want to experience a whole new gameplay then must try this Pokemon game. 

How to play Pokemon Dark Energy ROM on PC?

  1. This game is designed to run perfectly on GBC Emulator and to get the emulator on your PC there is no need to surf the internet, we have provided you the download link on this site as well. 
  2. So, the first step to play the game on your PC starts with downloading the latest version of Emulator and then installing it. 
  3. After that download the game ROM file and double click it and then click on the extract folder section.
  4. Next, open the game in the emulator and the game will start. 

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Download Pokemon Dark Energy ROM and be ready to enjoy multiple sidequests and complete a lot of challenges. This version is the best owing to many reasons and among them, the top reason is the availability of a new gameplay and unique storyline. 

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