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Pokemon Dreams is a hack version of the FireRed game, which contains interesting features like new places, an updated battle system, Generation 7 movesets, and many more. Moreover, the updated version we have shared with you can easily be enjoyed via GBA emulation. And for this all you have to do is install an emulator on your PC and RUN the ROM file through it. This ROM file has created by MonopolyRubix and it is fully available in the English language, making it easy to understand for every user.

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This game is pretty interesting to play, although it is the hack version of the most famous Pokemon FireRed version, the storyline and gameplay is completely changed. There are a total of 844 different Pokemon available that you can catch and use in the battles. 

Our main protagonist starts his journey from Thicket Town. Remember that the Pokemon available in this game mostly appear at night, so the night is the best time to catch them. And you get the starter Pokemon from Professor Conifer. 

The new region named Solda is available that you will explore and on your journey, you will meet with a lot of new characters, and fight plenty of battles. Another interesting fact of this game is that you will enjoy the generation 7 battle system in this version making it one of the most updated ROM hacks. 

If you have played the FireRed or any other original Pokemon game then you know that usage of TMs is pretty limited there, however, you can enjoy 120 reusable TMs in this updated version. And the presence of fairy-type Pokemon, special physical splits, and 35 Fakemon has made this game one of the best.

Download the Pokemon Dreams ROM Version for GBA Emulator

How to Download:

  1. Downloading and installation of this ROM file on your PC is pretty simple, all you have to do is click on the download button available at the top and bottom of this page and the file will start downloading. 
  2. Next, you have to install the GBA emulator on your PC, which is also available, just click the Emulator download button, just next to the ROM file button. 
  3. Now extract the ZIP file of the game and open it via the emulator. 
  4. Next, click on the RUN button and your file is ready to play. 

Final Words:

We offer you the latest updated version of Pokemon Dreams version ROM on this page and for this, we are not charging any money because this is a fan-made game and the developers are allowed to share it for free. You can also download a lot of other Pokemon games on this game, everything is free here.

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