Download Pokemon Emerald Revamp GBA ROM

As the game suggests this Pokemon Emerald Revamp is the GBA ROM Hack of the Pokemon Emerald Version which is developed by “Chainfire” and was last updated in 2021. Some of the most interesting features of this version are New Gym Leaders, more deadly rivals, additional custom moves, updated Evolution methods, and the most eye-catchy graphics that you haven’t seen before. 

Pokemon Emerald Revamp ROM Image


All the Pokemon and many other characters have totally revamped in this version which is why you will see a different appearance. You will see a similar start here where you visit your new house for the very first time and after that visit Professor Oak’s lab for the starter Pokemon. And once your game journey starts the game takes a new turn every time and will enjoy unique gameplay, which will keep you entertained for hours. 

How to play Pokemon Emerald Revamp ROM on PC?

  1. It is a GBA ROM version and to run it on your Windows PC you have to install the GBA Emulator for it. 
  2. Download the GBA Emulator and after that install it on your PC, the link to GBA Emulator and the ROM file is available on this page. 
  3. After that, you have to download the game ROM file and then open it in the installed emulator. 
  4. This way the game will start on your PC.

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Emerald Revamp ROM and start enjoying new events and interesting gameplay. There are many new features added and with future updates, you are able to enjoy even more. And also try Pokemon Emerald Slide.

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