Download Pokemon Flawless Platinum NDS ROM

Pokemon Flawless Platinum ROM

Pokemon Flawless Platinum ROM is the ROM Hack of Platinum Version, as it shows in the name as well. In this game you are able to catch 649 Pokemon from generation one to generation seven and many other interesting features and excellent gameplay mechanics. This game was developed by “Draknir” and it was last updated in 2018. Moreover, you are able to play this game on Android, iOS, and Windows PC as well, all you need is the emulator. 


New Pokemon:

There are over 100 new Pokemon introduced in this version, so be ready to catch, train, and battle with them. Some of the best new Pokemon are Chandelure, Haxorus, Volcarona, and others. Also, all these new Pokemon belong to generation 5 to generation seven. 

Many New Items:

There are plenty of new items introduced in this version that have special abilities. Now you enjoy the gameplay a lot more. Some of the best new items that you will get in this version are Lustrous Orb, Icicle Plate, Choice Scarf, Dragon Dance, and many others. 

Increased difficulty:

The gameplay of this game is a bit challenging, you will experience the wild Pokemon are more powerful as well and the trainers have stronger Pokemon. Owing to these reasons you have to build strong strategies to win the battles. 

Some easy to Catch Pokemon:

Now you are able to catch all the Stationary Pokemon in this version which is hard to get in the original version. Also,  to increase the chances a lot more you can use the Pokemon that has the highest catch rate.

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How to play Pokemon Flawless Platinum ROM on PC?

  1. Playing this Pokemon game on your PC requires the Desmume emulator, which is an NDS emulator. 
  2. You need to download this emulator on your PC and then install it. 
  3. After that load the ROM file of this game in the emulator and the game will start. 

Final Words:

In Pokemon Flawless Platinum ROM you are able to catch 649 different Pokemon, explore the Sinnoh region, and visit many places in it, such as Oreburgh City, Sandgem Town, Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh region, and others. 

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