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Pokemon Fuligin

Pokemon Fuligin ROM is a quite popular game owing to many reasons, such as the presence of new GYM leaders, all first three generations of Pokemon availability, more engaging gameplay, and many other reasons like this. If you are new to this version, you might not know that the developer has also increased the difficulty level in it, which makes this version quite challenging for you. This version is the ROM Hack of FireRed and it was developed by “Sloo” and, on this page, you get the complete 2016 version. 


The gameplay of this version is quite similar to the Pokemon FireRed version but there is a difference as well, here you will rather than stopping Team Rocket from fulfilling their bad desires you became a part of the team and soon after completing many missions and getting success you became their leader. 

The story will start in Alora Town where you, your mother, and your brother are living. And just a little distance away Professor Oak’s lab is located from where you get the starter Pokemon. At the start, you get to know the secret of your brother who is involved in the illegal activities of Team Rocket, and from this point the actual game will start. Moreover, You will enjoy 30 hours of gameplay in this version. 

How to play Pokemon Fuligin ROM on PC?

  1. You can easily play this ROM version on your PC without any sort of issue, all you have to do is follow these simple steps and play the game. 
  2. Just like most of the Pokemon ROM Hacks, this one also required the GBA Emulator to run on PC, so download the ROM file from here and then install it on your PC. 
  3. Remember that if you are already using any GBA Emulator then there is no need to install a new one, just check if there is any update available, if yes then update it and move to the next step. 
  4. Next download the game ROM file and then open it in the emulator. 
  5. And in just a few minutes the game will start on your PC. 

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Fuligin ROM which is the remake version of FireRed, but contains features that are pretty unique and interesting. You will enjoy this version a lot and easily understand it because it is in the English language. You are also able to enjoy other versions as well, such as Pokemon Fused Dimensions ROM.

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