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Pokemon Fusion 2 – SoulSilver is a fan-made ROM hack that is based on the original Pokemon Soulsilver version but with more advanced graphics and plenty of new features. The storyline of the game is based on the original version, however, the addition of new regions, plenty of new fusions, and top of all availability of multiple new Pokemon make the gameplay pretty interesting. If you are a Pokemon game lover then you must know how much people love to catch new types of Pokemon and when you get the opportunity to create new creatures with the help of old ones then I must say it will excite everyone. So, must try this version and enjoy the game.

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Just like the original version both Johto and Kanto regions are available in this version as well and you are allowed to explore them fully without any sort of restriction because every part of these regions is open for gamers. Moreover, whenever you explore new regions you will encounter some wild Pokemon as well, try your level best to catch them because fusion with these Pokemon adds more additional powers and help you win all the battles. 

The developers Lugre & EBattle have made sure to add all the traditional features in the Pokemon creatures as well, such as training the creatures and then participating in the battle against other trainers. Also, keep in mind that you can do both permanent and temporary fusion and fusion of different body parts as well. Although in this fan-made game, a lot of new moves have already been introduced, there is always room for some new moves as well. 

How to Download this Game on PC?

You might face an issue in the installation of this game if you don’t know the right process. That is why I suggested following these steps and you can easily download the game on a PC.

  1. Running ROM files required an emulator. That is why we have provided you with both the ROM and Emulator file links.
  2. So, download both of these files and after it is done, start installing the NDS emulator first.
  3. You also have to go through some settings of the emulator, such as fixing the graphics, selecting the best controls, and some other settings like this.
  4. Next, unzip the Game ROM file and drop it to the Emulator.
  5. It might take a little time to show the RUN/START button on the screen. Press it and the game will start.

Now you understand that this game isn’t difficult to play, all you need is the correct step-by-step guidelines that I have provided to you.

Pokemon Fusion 2 Game Image

Final Words:

In Pokemon Fusion 2 – SoulSilver ROM you can combine 160 different types of Pokemon creatures and contrary to the original version, in this fan-made version you also faced a more difficult gameplay. Also, the download file available on this game is totally free. And you can also download other interesting Pokemon games for free from this site as well, such as Pokemon Sun Ruby ROM.

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