Pokemon Fusion Origins ROM GBA Download

Pokemon Fusion Origins is developed by Lil Raph and it is the ROM hack of Pokemon FireRed Version. This game opens the world of Pokemon in a pretty engaging way because of many additional features, such as modified maps, the presence of Fairy-type Pokemon, Custom moves and abilities in Pokemon creatures, and the addition of new Physical & Special splits like many others. Although you will experience pretty same graphics and storyline as the original FireRed version, there is an addition of 200 more fusions, which makes this game the best.  

Pokemon Fusion Origins Image


The game starts in the Kanto Region and is full of new Pokemon creatures and plenty of challenges. You are able to catch over 650 different types of Pokemon from here and discover the real reason behind the fusion. 

As you move ahead in this version, you get to know more about it and meet with a lot of new people who provide you with information about the next challenges. Moreover, there are some people available in this version who need your help, try to help them because this is the only way you can get to the next region. 

Many times you will see the word “Bonding” on the screen when two different characters talk, some characters use this word as an alternative to fusion. Also, read all the instructions that Professor Oak will provide to you, else it becomes hard for you to play this game properly. 

How to Download and Play Pokemon Fusion Origins on PC?

Downloading and then installation of this ROM file is not difficult at all, just follow these steps. 

  1. We provide you with two different download links on this page. The first one is the ROM file and just next to it, there is the link to GBA Emulator. 
  2. Both of these files are important to RUN this Pokemon game on PC. 
  3. After completing the downloading process, next, install the GBA Emulator on your PC. 
  4. Complete the initial settings of the control, graphics, and some others. 
  5. After that extract the ROM file because it is in the ZIP folder. 
  6. Next, select the ROM file and then open it in Emulator. 
  7. Now just click on the RUN/Start button and enjoy the game. 

Final Words:

Pokemon Fusion Origins is totally a free version and open for everyone, so you can share it with your friends as well. It is an English language version, so you can easily understand it. Also, there are plenty of other free Pokemon games also available on this site, such as Pokemon Volt White 2 Redux, so download it from here.

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