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Just like all other Pokemon games available on this website, which are the ROM Hacks, not the original versions, this Pokemon Mega Adventure ROM is also the same. This wonderful ROM hack is developed by “Leon Draceus” and it contains 5 GYMs, 721 Pokemon including Generation 7, and a lot of other features that I will explain to you in this article, so read it completely to get to know everything about this modified version. 


This Pokemon game is in the English language where you might see many grammatical and spelling mistakes as well but overall the storyline and the gameplay are pretty interesting. This game starts with a usual story where a child starts the journey to becoming the champion but on your journey, you will face a lot of challenges as well. Moreover, the 3 starter Pokemon are also the same as most of the other Pokemon games, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. 

Some other interesting features that you will experience in this updated version are Mystery Gifts, all Mega Stones, Mega Evolution, and many other interesting items. When you start the game the most famous Professor Oak will welcome you here and after that, you come to know about a completely new region named Akito that you will explore and your journey will start from Okimira Town. 

How to play Pokemon Mega Adventure ROM Hack on PC?

Although there are many games that require an emulator to run on a PC, this is not the case with this version. Just like Pokemon Sage, you can directly download it on your PC with the .exe file available in the ZIP file mentioned above. Moreover, you also get a lot of other resources in the ZIP folder as well, such as the location of different Pokemon, etc. When you download the game folder, unzip it and start the game installation and after that, you are able to play it directly on your PC. 

Final Words:

Pokemon Mega Adventure ROM Hack acquires many good reviews and almost every gamer likes to play this one on their PC, that is why I suggest this game to almost every Pokemon gamer lover. As it is the “Beta version” that is why you might face some glitches as well, but no need to worry you the latest version will soon solve all sorts of issues.

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