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Pokemon Mega Delta ROM is the ROM hack of Black 2 Version and the last time it updated was in 2023. In this version, you are able to catch Pokemon of the first eight generations, enjoy an interesting storyline, and explore the Unova region. This wonderful version was developed by “Sir Rualy” and the best feature of this game is that it is a complete version. And if you want to know more about this one, just keep reading. 


Dynamic Weather System: 

We all agree that weather plays a vital role, in impacting battles and certain in-game events. And these features increase the enjoyment of this game. In this game weather changes according to the time of the day and on many other factors. And to win the battles trainers now have to adjust their strategies based on the forecast.

Enhanced Graphics: 

Pokemon Mega Delta boasts crisp and updated graphics, bringing characters and environments to life. The game feels contemporary while preserving the nostalgic feel of Pokemon.

Customizable Player Avatars: 

Yes, you are able to customize the characters in this game and provide them with any look you like, which includes outfits, hairstyles, and accessories.

Updated Pokedex: 

This ROM introduces several new fan-made Pokemon, expanding the Pokedex beyond the traditional entries. Now you are able to catch 898 Pokemon creatures and build a strong team with them. 

Faster Encounter Rate:

The developers have made sure players get more unique Pokemon easily and in a short span of time that is why they have introduced these wonderful features in this game. Now you are able to catch wild Pokemon more often. 

More EXP gain:

Now you are also able to allow your Pokemon to gain more experience from the battles. With these features, you are able to train your Pokemon faster and make them more powerful. 


You will start your journey in this game from a town named Nuvema, which is located in the Unova region. You are able to explore the complete region and on your way, you will meet with many new characters and catch different Pokemon species. You will also investigate the aims of mysterious organizations, which are trying to steal Pokemon. 

Team Plasma is the main evil organization available in this game and to start your journey of stopping this organization from fulfilling its notorious plans you have to get your first Pokemon from Professor Juniper. An interesting thing to know here is that, in this game, you will also explore Delta Island where you meet with new Pokemon and confront the leaders of the organization. 

How to download Pokemon Mega Delta ROM on PC?

  1. The best emulator to run this game on your PC is Drastic DS, which is an NDS emulator. 
  2. You can download this emulator from this website and install it on your PC. 
  3. After installing the emulator download the ROM file of this game and load it in the emulator. 
  4. This way the game will start on your PC. 
Game Screenshots

Final Words:

Pokemon Mega Delta ROM is one of the best games owing for many reasons, such as the many Pokemon available to catch, the wide area to discover, and many more. You are also able to enjoy many other games as well, such as Pokemon Blazing Emerald ROM.

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