Download Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y ROM

Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y ROM is the ROM hack of Emerald Version and was created by “jovefreak1993”. And just like all other Pokemon ROM hacks, we offer you the latest version of this one as well. Although it was last updated in 2016, it still contains features which contain pretty interesting features, such as the addition of the first six generation Pokemon, three vast regions to explore, changing weather, a lot of new events to participate in, and even some legendary Pokemon are also present in it. 

Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y ROM Image


The starting of this game is just like the Emerald version, however, you will see completely new characters and Pokemon creatures in it. As a complete version where the developer has done a lot of enhancement, as soon as you start completing the challenges, you will start exploring a new world having locations that you have never seen in any other Pokemon game version. 

This English language version is totally free for everyone and you will experience an improved attacking system, a little bit more difficulty, and top of all many events to participate in. Moreover, you are also able to enjoy the Mega Evolution feature in this ROM version, so you are able to power up your selected Pokemon and win the game. 

How to play Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y ROM on PC?

  1. You are able to play this version both on PC and Android phone and in both cases you can use the GBA emulator for PC or Android. 
  2. So, first, download it on your PC, and after that install it by double-clicking on the installed file. 
  3. After the complete installation, just click on the download ROM button, and within a minute you get the downloaded file. 
  4. Next, open the ROM file on the emulator and start the game. 

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y ROM and you are able to enjoy many new features that are not available in any other game of this series. And in this article, I have mentioned all those interesting features to you, so read it and if you want to know more then visit the guide section of this game. You can also enjoy other free versions of the games, such as Super Pokemon Rumble ROM.

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