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Pokemon Moon Black 2 ROM stands out as the best Pokemon game and the Hack of the original Black 2 version. It was last updated in 2023 and that is the reason you are able to enjoy the most advanced gameplay and the best storyline in this version which makes the whole game pretty interesting. 

Just like any Pokemon game, Pokemon Moon Black 2 ROM gives players the chance to become a Pokemon Trainer, setting out on an adventure filled with challenges, battles, and a quest to become the Pokemon Champion. However, this isn’t your regular Unova experience.


Expanded Pokedex: 

One of the standout features of this ROM is its enhanced Pokedex, bringing together a blend of Pokemon from various regions, including Alola, the focal region in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Players can catch, train, and battle with 807 Pokemon species of the first seven generations.

Unique Movesets and Abilities: 

This game tweaks many Pokemon’s movesets and abilities, making some overlooked Pokemon more viable in battles and shaking up the typical metagame. Expect surprises and be prepared to adapt your strategies!

Altered Evolution Methods: 

Some Pokemon evolve differently in Moon Black 2. This often means that creatures, which originally required trading or other specific conditions, can now evolve through leveling up or using certain items.

Enhanced Graphics: 

Borrowing from the aesthetics of Pokemon Sun and Moon, players will appreciate updated sprites and new battle backgrounds, giving the game a fresh feel.

Updated Gyms and Elite Four: 

Forget everything you knew about the Unova Gym Leaders and the Elite Four. In this game, they come with new teams, providing a novel challenge for both newcomers and seasoned trainers.


The heart of “Pokemon Moon Black 2” remains the Unova region. But this time, you’ll experience it with a touch of Alolan flavor.

You start as a budding trainer in your hometown. However, instead of merely embarking on a quest to collect gym badges and conquer the Pokemon League, you’ll find yourself entangled in a deeper narrative, intersecting the stories from both the Unova and Alola regions.

Team Plasma is back, but they’re not the only threat this time. Rumors of Alolan Pokemon creating disturbances in Unova begin to surface, and whispers of a mysterious organization with links to Alola are heard. Your journey is intertwined with this mystery, and as you gather badges, you’ll also be unraveling the truth behind these disturbances.

The narrative is filled with twists, turns, and surprises. Familiar characters from both regions make appearances, adding depth to the story and often guiding or challenging the player along their journey.

How to play Pokemon Moon Black 2 ROM on PC?

If you want to play this Pokemon game on your PC then follow these simple steps. 

  1. First, you have to install the NDS emulator on your PC, the link to this emulator is also available on this site. 
  2. After the complete installation of this emulator, next download the game ROM file. 
  3. Load it in the emulator, this way the game will start. 

Final Words:

In Pokemon Moon Black 2 ROM you will face challenges, enjoy the gameplay, and participate in the adventure. So, download this game and start your journey in the Unova region. And for more interesting games like Pokemon Alternate Evolutions ROM.

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