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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky ROM is one of the most playable Pokemon games owing to many new reasons, such as the feature of new starter Pokemon, advanced level music, exploration of new locations, more challenges, and top of all you are able to get a lot of new items. All these features make this game everyone’s favorite. Moreover, you are also able to play as a Pokemon in this game, such as Pikachu, Eevee, Riolu, or any other. There are plenty of Playable character options available for everyone. 


The game starts where you as a human travel through a portal and become a mysterious creature aka Pokemon. And just after entering a new world where only Pokemon are inhabited you have to answer some of the most interesting questions, which will decide what kind of Pokemon you are going to get in this game, so answer this properly. 

Moreover, you are also able to select your partner Pokemon in this game as well and for this, you will get over 14 different choices. Just select anyone from the list and after that decide the name. In this game, you will fight with the most powerful team named Team Skull and to win you have to foil all their attempts to rule the Pokemon world. 

How to play Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky on PC?

  1. This game supports the NDS console, which is why you have to download the same NDS emulator to play it on your PC. 
  2. The link to the emulator and the game’s ROM file are available on this page, so just click on it and the game will start downloading automatically. 
  3. After getting both files, you have to install the emulator on your PC first and after that open the game on the emulator.
  4. The way the game will start on your PC. 

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky ROM which contains features like Treasure Town, many playable characters including some unique ones, many new powerful Bosses, and a lot of interesting events. This game is free for everyone, so just download it from this page and start enjoying it. Moreover, you can play other Pokemon games as well such as Pokemon Rejuvenation and many others.

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