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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity ROM is a part of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon spin-off series, stepping away from the traditional Pokemon battling and focusing on exploration and dungeon crawling. This game, specifically designed for the Nintendo 3DS, utilizes the handheld console’s 3D capabilities, bringing an immersive experience to Pokemon fans.


At its core, Gates to Infinity revolves around exploring mystery dungeons, which change their layout each time you enter. You control a team of Pokemon and navigate through the varying levels, battling wild Pokemon, collecting items, and solving puzzles. A distinct feature of this game is the Magnagate, which, by scanning round objects with the 3DS camera, lets players unlock additional mystery dungeons.


Character Selection: 

At the start, players choose one Pokemon as their main character and another as their partner. The selection pool includes popular choices like Pikachu, Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, and Axew.

Team Attacks: 

Players can launch team attacks if all the Pokemon in the party get motivated, which unleashes a powerful joint strike against enemies.

Building Paradise:

As you progress, you’ll earn materials that help you build Pokemon Paradise, a customizable hub area. This area not only acts as a base but also provides various benefits, such as shops and farms.

Multiplayer Mode: 

Players can connect with friends for local multiplayer adventures or rescue missions, enhancing the gaming experience.

StreetPass Feature: 

When you pass by other players with a 3DS, you can get Reviver Seeds, which play a crucial role in the gameplay.


The narrative is heartwarming and emphasizes friendship, trust, and courage. You, as the protagonist, transform into a Pokemon and find yourself in a world inhabited only by Pokemon. As you begin to grasp your new reality, you befriend another Pokemon. Together, you learn about the mystery dungeons and the dangers they hold.

The central plot revolves around the ominous Bittercold, a destructive force threatening the Pokemon world. With the power of dreams, desires, and friendships, you and your team must gather allies and venture deep into dungeons to face challenges, uncover the truth, and ultimately, confront the Bittercold to save the world.


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity ROM offers an enchanting tale intertwined with dynamic gameplay. The exploration, combined with the task of building a paradise and deepening friendships, provides players with a unique Pokemon experience. You should also download Pokemon Sienna ROM.

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