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Pokemon Orange Islands ROM is another Hack of FireRed version and just like the other hacks you will enjoy unparalleled features, immersive gameplay, and discover the unique storyline of this game. This version was developed by “Kalarie”, and the one you will get from here is the complete Beta 5.7 version. 


The Pokemon Orange Islands ROM faithfully recreates the storyline of Ash’s adventure in the Orange Archipelago, bridging the excitement and adventure for you. You will complete all the tasks assigned by the professor and by doing it you will explore the Pokemon world. 


Island Exploration: 

The game lets players navigate through a series of interconnected islands, each containing unique ecosystems, terrains, and challenges. 

Tropical Pokemon: 

There are over 700 different Pokemon available in this version. These Pokemon have altered appearances and move sets that mirror their tropical environment.

Gym Battles with a Twist: 

Unlike traditional Pokemon games, gym battles here often integrate innovative challenges or puzzles. It isn’t just about battling; it’s about understanding and adapting to the environment.


Day/Night Cycle: 

The game introduces a real-time day and night cycle. Some Pokemon are nocturnal, while others bask under the sun, adding layers of strategy to catching them all.

Enjoy Changing Weather: 

Experience the erratic weather of the tropics. Rain, sunshine, and storms can affect Pokemon encounters and battle outcomes.

Marine Pokemon: 

Fishing isn’t just a pastime; it’s a necessity. With revamped mechanics, players can capture a number of marine Pokemon, some exclusive to specific islands. Some of the marine Pokemon that you can capture in this version are Goldeen, Kingdra, Dratini, Kingler, and others. 

Customizable Outfits: 

Dress for success! Customize Ash’s outfits suitable for various island terrains, be it a trek through a volcano or a dive beneath the waves.

Revamped HM System: 

HMs (Hidden Machines) have a central role, aligning with the adventure-centric narrative of the Orange Islands. They don’t merely serve utility; they enrich the exploration experience.

Anime-Based Events: 

Witness iconic moments from the anime materialize in-game. From Ash’s iconic battles to touching moments with his Pokemon, the game is a treasure trove for fans.

Updated Battle Mechanics:

Borrowing from later generations, this ROM integrates advanced battle mechanics and strategies, ensuring a balanced and thrilling combat experience.

How to play Pokemon Orange Islands ROM on PC?

  1. Playing this game isn’t difficult for anyone, the process of playing this game on your PC is the same as most of the other Pokemon games, and if you have played any, I am sure, you won’t face any issues. 
  2. You have to download the GBA emulator for this game, the same way you have downloaded for Pokemon Fire Red Reborn version.
  3. Next, install the emulator on your PC, and after the complete installation open the game in the emulator. 
  4. This way the game will be ready to play and enjoy. 


Pokemon Orange Islands ROM is one of the best Pokemon games owing to its many features and interesting gameplay. Moreover, the unique storyline will definitely keep you engaged and you will enjoy it a lot.

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