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Pokemon Orange ROM is a complete game, which was last updated in 2023. “Pia Carrot” is the developer of this version and it is the hack of the most famous Pokemon Crystal version. Moreover, the best news about this version is that it is in the English language, so you won’t face any kind of issue in understanding it. 

About Pokemon Orange ROM:

You might have played other Pokemon games as well, such as Pokemon Sunset Orange ROM, and others. Just like these games you are able to enjoy new Pokemon species in this version as well. Moreover, many other new features have also been introduced in this version as well, such as new characters, maps, items, etc. 

The developer has designed this game in such a way that it is completely up to the gamer how they like to play this game, such that you will decide where you choose to play as Indigo trainer and Orange trainer. As your main goal is to be an Orange League Champion that is why you have to select one character and start playing this game. 

Also, just like most of the other Pokemon games you will get the starter Pokemon in this version as well, and the choice you get here is: Pikachu, Lapras, and Eevee. Select any one of these and start your journey in the Pokemon world. You also have to learn how to use GS Ball in this game, which is a new Pokeball and according to most gamers, it is a bit challenging to use.

How do you play Pokemon Orange ROM on PC?

  1. Playing this game on your PC requires an emulator, as you use them for any other Pokemon game. In the case of this game, you need to download the GBA emulator, the link is available on this page. 
  2. You have to download the emulator file and install it on your PC, which takes a little time. 
  3. In the meantime, you should download the ROM file of the game and when the installation of the emulator is complete, open the game in it and start playing. 

Final Words:

Due to a lot of new features, Pokemon Orange ROM Hack has now become most gamers’ favorite. Here you will participate in Orange Crew Battle, face a lot of new challenges, and enjoy the game in a completely new and unique style. So, download it now and start enjoying it.

Game Screenshot
Screenshot of different game Locations

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