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Pokemon Peridot is the ROM Hack of Crystal version and it was developed by “Sea Tree”. The version we are sharing with you on this page is the latest 2023 version which is in English language and contains features like two new rivals, the addition of fairy type, a new region, reusable TMs, and many others.


This game starts in the Johto Region but soon after getting to know about the current situation of the Pokemon world and getting the Pokemon from here, you will visit many other parts of the world as well. Some of the most interesting features of this game version are new modern moves, updated battle UI, 2 additional gyms, and others. Also, remember that there are no physical/special splits in this version.

How to play Pokemon Peridot ROM on PC?

  1. If you have played other Pokemon ROM Hacks then you know that an emulator is required to play these games on PC. 
  2. In the case of this Pokemon Peridot ROM, a GBA Emulator is required, so download the emulator file from this page and install it on your PC. 
  3. Once the installation is completed, next download the ROM file of this game and open it in the emulator, this way you can easily play this game on your PC. 

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Peridot ROM where you experience interesting features, gym challenges, new Pokemon, moves, and many interesting items. You are also able to get 3 gifts per day here which includes pretty useful items for everyone. So, download this game, and for more games like Pokemon Pesadilla ROM, visit this website.

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