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Contrary to other games of this genre Pokemon Puzzle Challenge ROM provides a pretty unique way of enjoying the Pokemon game. It is a Gameboy Color aka GBC console version game, that you can easily play on PC via a GBC emulator. Also, we offer you the complete English version of the USA, so you won’t face any kind of difficulty in understanding it. 


There are plenty of options to enjoy this game, at the start you will see a complete list of different options, such as Marathon, Challenge Mode, Time Zone, Puzzle, and others. Just select any one of these modes and start the game. Moreover, you can also select the difficult mode for every gaming mode as well, there are three options, easy, medium, and difficult. 

For example, if you have selected the Challenge Mode, then the next thing that appears on the screen is the information about what to do in the game or how to complete the level. Just like the Candy Crush game of today’s time, you will enjoy the same gameplay in this version as well, but in a more interesting way. This game was released in 2000, which is why you will face a little old-fashioned graphics, however, the gameplay is not old-fashioned. 

How to Download the Pokemon Puzzle Challenge on PC?

Downloading this game is pretty simple, just follow these steps. 

  1. Before downloading the game file make sure you have already installed the GBC emulator. 
  2. The download link of the GBC emulator is also available on this page. 
  3. After the complete installation of the emulator, next, download the game ROM file. 
  4. We provide you the file in a zip, so extract it, and then drop it into the emulator
  5. Next, click the RUN button and start playing the game. 

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Puzzle Challenge ROM totally free from this site as well as a lot of other ROM hacks as well. We keep updating the files which is why you always get the latest updated versions without spending any money. Also download Pokemon Ultra Moon ROM as well, which is also a pretty interesting game.

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