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On this page, you get the final version of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet ROM, which is the Hack of Pokemon FireRed version developed by “TeamSolga”. We are offering you the 2023 version here so you are able to enjoy the latest features and updated graphics here. One of the interesting features of this version is the addition of New Pokemon named  Wooper Paldea, Girafarig, Koraidon, Fidough, Cetitan, and others.


This game has pretty interesting graphics and customization options, you are able to decide the look of your characters. The developer has also added a new city in this area named “Mepoli” as well as the Enigma Cave where you find the hidden items, fight with the Powerful Pokemon, and solve the puzzles. Although the concept of Enigma Caves is not new, these caves add joy to the Pokemon games. 

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How to play Pokemon Scarlet and Violet ROM on PC?

  1. To play Pokemon Scarlet & Violet ROM on PC you need to install the Nintendo Switch Emulator on your PC first. 
  2. I know new gamers are always finding it hard to get the latest version of the emulator, so for your ease, I have provided you with the link to the emulator on this page as well. 
  3. You can download the Nintendo Switch Emulator and then start the installation process. 
  4. Next, open the emulator and then locate the ROM file of the game from your PC and start playing this game. 
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet ROM

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Scarlet and Violet ROM which is the ROM Hack, not an actual game and that is why you are able to play it on any device you like without spending any money. The English language version contains many new features, such as a new character named Main Korai, power Pokemon, and many more savage rivals.

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