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As you can see in the name as well, Pokemon Soothing Silver is the ROM Hack of the Pokemon SoulSilver version, which is created by HighFrequencyOcelot. Moreover, the version we are providing you here is the latest version and was last modified on April 10, 2023. That is the reason you are going to experience the most advanced graphics, Galarian Forms For Kanto Birds, Generation 1 to 4 Pokemon, and the difficulty level has also increased in it. 

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One thing that you really feel is a little different in this game is that you are not able to catch any legendary Pokemon here and some characters have also been replaced, such as Lyra, the most famous character of the Pokemon SoulSilver version is replaced by Kris. 

Moreover, as I have mentioned earlier the developers have increased the difficulty in this version which is why you have to build unique strategies to win the battle. You will experience all the bosses now with more improved teams and they have better movesets. 

Another thing that will increase your attention towards this game is the redesigning of Pokemon’s appearance. The makers have tried their best to make all the characters and especially the Pokemon more attractive to gamers. 

List of Features:

  1. The presence of both Galarian and Alolan forms Pokemon 
  2. Both Gold, the male character, and Kris, the female character are present in this version, however, they act like a rival with new dialogues. And throughout the game, you will fight the battles with them.
  3. The Pokemon base stats are also updated to the Generation 6 stats. 
  4. The developer has altered the stats and movesets of some Pokemon, so they are able to be used more often in the game. For information, you can explore the Pokedex. 

How to play Pokemon Soothing Silver ROM on PC?

  1. To run this wonderful game on your PC all you need to do is install the NDS emulator first. The download link of the latest version of NDS emulators is available, all you have to do is download and install it on your PC.
  2. Once you are done with the emulator the next steps are pretty easy. Just download the game ROM file and after that extract it immediately. 
  3. Next, you have to find the game folder and then open it on the emulator. 
  4. After that just wait a little and the game is ready to be played. 

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Final Words:

Although Pokemon Soothing Silver ROM is a fan-made version, it never lacks any feature and provides you with a pretty engaging gameplay experience. The addition of new dialogues, overworld events, GB sounds at the start and many other new features keep you entertained in this version.

Download Pokemon Soothing Silver NDS ROM

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