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Pokemon Soulstones is created by “Jos_Louis” and it is a complete 2.0.4 version that you will get here. Also, it is not an original version but a fan-made version that contains a completely new storyline. Here you will experience the generation 1 to generation 7 Pokemon creatures, movesets, and many unique abilities. As a protagonist, your main role here is to find the Soulstones, the lost pendants and once you are able to find them you can call certain Mythical Pokemon, which will make this gameplay a lot more interesting. 

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About Pokemon Soulstones Game:

This game is completely different from the other conventional Pokemon games, here at the start you won’t see any professor at all. Agent Robert will introduce you to the game and your role here. This Agent is called a “Receiver” who has the duty to assign tasks to new agents like you.

Here you will work for the Epoch Government and they have sent you the current time. You are basically from 3564 CE and now in the 21st century because of time travel. Now after getting to know about the storyline, I am sure, you are quite intrigued to play this game now. 

Moreover, there are many other interesting features also available in this version, such as a completely new map that provides you a way to visit hidden areas as well, the Day & Night cycle, a completely newly designed Epoch region, pretty huge Pokedex size of 1030 Pokemon, and others. 

Also remember that you are not able to play with the mythical, legendary, and other fairy-type Pokemon in this version. Apart from these types of Pokemon, there are over 200 custom-made Pokemon available here, so you are still able to enjoy a new type of Pokemon having unique abilities. 

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How to play the Soulstones Version of Pokemon on PC?

  1. The emulator you need to play this game on your PC or mobile device is JoiPlay.
  2. JoiPlay is an RPG Maker XP emulator, and you are able to download it free from any website.
  3. After getting the emulator, you have to install it on your device and then load the game in it.
  4. This way the game will start. So, play the game and enjoy.

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Soulstones, which is a pretty good addition to the games in this genre. It offers unique features and quite interesting gameplay, and the best feature is the stunning graphics which make the whole gameplay interesting and unique.

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