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Pokemon Storm Silver is the ROM Hack of the most famous Pokemon Soul Silver game and if you have played the latter one then I am sure you will enjoy this game as well. Although, the major storyline and the gameplay of both these versions are quite the same, one thing which differentiates these two is the availability of advanced challenges, new events, and solving many mysteries. Moreover, the developer has also increased the difficulty level of this version as well, which is why you have to update your 

The developer of this superb game is Drayano and just like the other games developed by him such as Pokemon Blaze Black 2 Redux, this one also contains advanced graphics and interesting features. Moreover, you are also able to get to know many new characters and catch 493 new Pokemon, including the rare ones as well. 

Further Information about the Pokemon Storm Silver ROM:

One interesting feature of this game is the information section where you can get all the information on any topic you like with just one click or you can even skip this step by just clicking on the “No Information Needed button”. 

There are two regions available in this game, Johto and Kanto and these two regions and after the migration, there is a variety of Pokemon that are now present in these two regions. You will start your journey from Little Bark Town, where your home and the professor’s lab is located. 

The new Pokemon creatures introduced in this version are not easy to catch, you will see legendary Pokemon, wild and friendly nature Pokemon of all types. So, always be ready for the deadly fight and complete the Pokedex as soon as possible. 

Pokemon Storm Silver ROM Image

How to play Pokemon Storm Silver on PC?

  1. Just like many other Pokemon games, such as Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time ROM, this one also required an NDS emulator to run on PC. 
  2. So, download the emulator first, the link is available on this page and next you have to install it by double-clicking on the .exe file available in the folder. 
  3. Once the installation is completed the next step is simple, just get the game ROM file from this page and open it in the emulator and the game will automatically start. 

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Storm Silver ROM which is a pretty interesting game and the modified version of the most famous Pokemon Soul Silver game. This game is totally free and contains new events, characters, and most importantly Pokemon. You should try this game and explore this website, there are many other Pokemon games available as well.

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