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Pokemon Sun Sky and Moon Galaxy is developed by Ishrak’s PokeTips & Gohan’s Tips and it is a ROM hack of the FireRed Version. These fan-made games are quite popular nowadays and the reason is simple, contrary to the original version these ones provide a unique and pretty interesting experience to the gamers, so everyone likes to play them. 

Also, the developers have managed to remove all the bugs in this updated version, so now you are able to enjoy the lag free interesting gaming experience. The addition of new storyline, Mega Evolution feature during battles, all generation 7 Pokemon including the Shiny ones as well, make this game one of the best Pokemon versions to enjoy.

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The storyline of the game depicts the time 15 years after the Pokemon Trainer Red. You will open your eyes in the Pallet Town of Kanto region and soon after visit the Alola Region to complete the tasks. You also have to find the Red’s Son who is missing and nobody knows his exact location and the reason for its disappearance. 

Another interesting feature is that you will enter as a hero in this Pokemon world and embark on the adventure. There are plenty of locations that you are going to visit in this version, such as cities, caves, towns, dungeons, etc. Every location has unique challenges and you will meet new people everywhere. Keep in mind to gather location from everywhere and check all the things you see on the way. 

To unlock new areas you have to do a lot of things, such as solving mysteries and helping all the people who are in need. It is a unique gameplay where you will get challenges from different people you will meet on the way and by solving them new ways will open. Moreover, always be aware of the wild creatures because you will be attacked any time here. 

Remember that you will get the complete information before the start of the adventure, and if you understand them press button ”A” and that particular adventure will start and you play the game. You can also visit Professor Brock house and get every sort of detail from here, along with the starter Pokemon. 

Download Pokemon Sun Sky and Moon Galaxy ROM Version

Here are some features that you are going to enjoy in this version. 

  1. You can find all the legendaries in this version
  2. Unlock a lot of mysteries
  3. Presence of Ultra Beasts
  4. New Professor named Brock 
  5. Meet a lot of new friends
  6. New Bosses

How to Play Pokemon Sun Sky and Moon Galaxy Version on PC?

Playing the game on PC is everybody’s preference because not everyone has gaming consoles. And if you don’t know how to play this Sun Sky and Moon Galaxy ROM on PC then follow these steps:

  1. First start downloading the ROM file that is available for free here. 
  2. Wait a little until the downloading will complete, next start extracting the file. 
  3. Now you need a GBA emulator to play the game on your PC. 
  4. Download it and then select the extracted file and RUN the game. 
  5. Now you can easily play this game on PC. 

There are pretty simple steps to follow and I am sure if you do exactly as I have mentioned you can easily play this game. 

Final Words:

Pokemon Sun Sky and Moon Galaxy is a pretty interesting game with plenty of new features and a lot of challenges which makes this game the best. Also try other interesting games as well, such as Pokemon Dreams ROM.

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