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You might have played a lot of FireRed and Emerald version ROM hacks but today I am sharing with you Pokemon Super Gold 97 ROM, which is the Hack version of Pokemon Gold. It is a pretty new game, it was released in 2022, and the last time it was updated in 2023. Unfortunately, no one ones the actual name of this developer, all we know is its dummy name “lvl_3”. 

About Pokemon Super Gold 97 ROM:

We know that everyone wants to play such games because they love to catch Pokemon and want to know more about them. In this game, you are able to catch 251 Pokemon, which belong to the first two generations. 

Moreover, this game features the Johto region, which is fully unlocked for you and in this region, you are able to explore a lot of locations, such as Sprout Tower, Violet City, Old Oak’s Laboratory, Slowpoke Well, Azalea Town, and many more. 

There are many side-quests also available in this game and some of the most famous ones are Help the Slowpoke Well, Help the GS Ball Man, Find the Legendary Pokemon, Deliver the Apricorns to Kurt, and others. All these increase the excitement and make the game more interesting. 

How to play Pokemon Super Gold 97 ROM on PC?

  1. Pokemon Super Gold 97 ROM required a GBC emulator to run on a PC. 
  2. You can get the emulator from this page as well, download the emulator file, and then install it on your device. 
  3. After the complete installation, just get the game ROM file, open it in the emulator, and start playing the game. 

Final Words:

Pokemon Super Gold 97 ROM is one of the best games and with the recent update, you will experience a better performance because all the bugs have now been fixed in it. You are also able to play other games for free as well, such as Pokemon Eclipse ROM

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