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Pokemon Super Heart Red ROM is developed by “VersekrDark” and it is the Hack of the “FireRed” version. It was last updated in 2020 and it contains many sidequests, numerous challenges, unique areas, and many more. Moreover, you are also able to catch the first seven generation Pokemon from here as well. 


Regional Setting: 

Dive into the revamped Kanto region, with added areas and revamped routes to explore. Some of the unique places in this region are Battle Frontier, Sevii Islands, Safari Zone, and others. 

Pokemon Availability: 

You are able to catch 809 Pokemon which belong to the first 7 generations in this game. This feature adds excitement because such a huge number of Pokemon are rarely available in the ROM hacks. 


Experience a new level of challenge. Gym leaders, Elite Four, and trainers have been powered up. They have diversified teams and smarter AI strategies to test every trainer’s mettle.

Mega Evolution: 

This feature, initially introduced in the Kalos region, is available in Super Heart Red. Obtain Mega Stones scattered across Kanto and evolve specific Pokemon during battles for a power surge.


Graphics and Audio: 

Super Heart Red offers a blend of classic pixel art with updated sprites and graphics, ensuring a nostalgic yet fresh look. The soundtrack remains largely faithful, but with certain tweaks to enhance the auditory experience.

Day and Night System: 

The game integrates a real-time clock, impacting Pokemon encounters, certain in-game events, and even evolutions.

Physical and Special Split: 

Borrowed from later generations, the physical and special move distinction provides strategic depth and a balanced battle environment.

Fairy Type: 

This newly introduced type from later generations finds its way into Super Heart Red, reshaping the battle meta and offering new strategies.

Running Shoes and Fast Travel: 

Traverse the Kanto region faster than ever! With running shoes available early in the game and a refined fast travel system, exploring becomes a breeze.


The story of Pokemon Super Heart Red stays true to the original narrative of Pokemon Fire Red. As a budding Pokemon trainer, you begin your journey in Pallet Town, receiving your first Pokemon from the esteemed Professor Oak. However, as you proceed, you’ll notice expanded lore, side quests, and mysterious events intertwining with the main storyline.

The names of some of the most popular side quests of this game are Beat the Battle Frontier, Complete the Pokewalker, and others. 

Your main objective remains – conquering the eight gym badges of Kanto and challenging the Pokemon League. But your rival, with renewed vigor and tactics, consistently stands in your way, pushing you to better your strategies.

As you journey, Team Rocket’s menace looms larger than ever. Their malicious endeavors threaten the peace of Kanto, and it’s up to you to thwart their plans. Uncover the secrets behind their renewed vigor and ensure Kanto remains a haven for Pokemon and trainers alike.

How to play Pokemon Super Heart Red ROM on PC?

  1. To run this game on your PC, what you need is an emulator, there are many available on this site as well, you can download it from here. 
  2. GBA emulator is the best for this version, so install it on your PC. 
  3. After getting the emulator, the very next thing you need is the ROM file of this game.
  4. Load the ROM file in the emulator and the game will start. 

Final Words:

Pokemon Super Heart Red ROM offers a pretty interesting journey to the Pokemon world, the availability of many interesting features, an excellent storyline, and a lot of challenges, will surely make the gameplay pretty engaging for you. You can also try other games as well, such as Pokemon Super Gold 97 ROM.

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