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Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is another ROM Hack of the Pokemon game which is based in the USA and European region and supports almost all platforms, such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, but remember you need to download the Nintendo 3DS emulator for it. Moreover, you are also able to play it on your 3DS console as well. Just like most of the other Pokemon games, this one also consists of a role-playing genre where you as a human evolve into a Pokemon and start exploring the mysteries of the Pokemon world. 


This game consists of different tasks that are assigned to you and after the completion, you will move to the next one. In every task, you will face a lot of difficulties and to win you have to overcome them and move ahead. For your help you will get a partner Pokemon at the start of this game and that Pokemon will always be with you, following you everywhere. 

You are able to select your kind of character, find the treasures, explore the dungeons, participate in the battles, and make your own team which helps you in a lot of places in this version. Currently, there are over 20 playable characters available in this game, and the ones you capture after the fight are a lot more than that. 

How to play Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon ROM on PC?

  1. Playing this game on your PC is simple, just follow these simple steps and you will be able to play it without facing any issues. 
  2. The very first step is getting the game from this website, the download button is available at the top of this page. 
  3. Next download the Nintendo 3DS Emulator, still link of the emulator is available just next to the Download button of the ROM file. 
  4. After getting both the game and the emulator file, next install the emulator on your PC. 
  5. Once the installation of the emulator is complete then open the game in the emulator and it will start. 
  6. This way you can easily play the game on your PC. 

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon ROM, which is the 2015 version of this game and we provide you in English language, so you can easily understand it. This game contains a lot of interesting twists and turns which will surely force you to play it more in your free time. Moreover, an interesting fact about this game is that it is available totally for free on this website. And you are also able to get many other games on this website as well, such as Pokemon Xenoverse ROM.

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