Download Pokemon Ultra Red Infinity GBA ROM

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Download Pokemon Ultra Red Infinity ROM which is the complete hack of FireRed Version and this top-notch game was developed by “DarkFex”. This game was last updated in 2017 and since then it has become one of the best Pokemon games which was liked by most of the Pokemon ROM Hack lovers. 

About Pokemon Ultra Red Infinity ROM:

What really makes this game outstanding is the availability of all the first seven generations of Pokemon that you can catch and participate in the battle. Apart from that the updated graphics, excellent storyline, and features like mega evolution are also available in this version as well.

How to play Pokemon Ultra Red Infinity ROM on PC?

  1. To play Pokemon Ultra Red Infinity ROM on your PC requires a GBA emulator. 
  2. You have to download the emulator first then you will be able to run this game on your PC. 
  3. The link to the emulator file is available just next to the ROM file button, so you can easily download the emulator from here. 
  4. After installing it on your PC, the next step is pretty simple, just download the game and load it on the emulator. 
  5. And the game will start on your PC. 

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Ultra Red Infinity ROM and you are able to enjoy interesting features and exciting gameplay. This English language version is totally free of cost, just like many other games available on this website, such as Pokemon Resolute ROM.

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