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I know everyone who likes to play Pokemon games enjoys ROM Hacks as well, and one such interesting Hack is Pokemon Vega ROM which was developed by “Pokemon Vega Team (anonymous)” and was last updated in 2020. A new region, an interesting game and top of an interesting storyline, and many engaging features are available in this game. You will get the updated version from this page, so download and enjoy. 

Unique Features:

New Region and Pokemon: 

Pokemon Vega introduces the brand new Tohoak region. Within this region, players can encounter 386 original Pokemon designs, which blend seamlessly into the Pokemon universe.


Unlike many other ROM hacks that simply reuse existing Pokemon, Vega is known for its “Fakemon” – fake Pokemon designs that are exclusive to the game. These Fakemon designs are professionally crafted and offer trainers the thrill of discovery.

Move Tutors: 

Pokemon Vega boasts an impressive roster of Move Tutors. These characters can teach your Pokemon moves they wouldn’t naturally learn, adding strategic depth to battles and team compositions.

Rebalanced Moves: 

Several moves from the original series have been rebalanced in Vega, ensuring a more competitive and balanced battle experience.


The adventure begins in the Tohoak region, a land with a rich history of Pokemon and humans coexisting harmoniously. As the protagonist, your journey starts similarly to other Pokemon games – you’re a young trainer, ready to embark on a journey to become the Pokemon champion.

However, things quickly take a turn as you cross paths with Team DH, an evil organization with mysterious motives. Their objective? To harness the power of ancient Pokemon to dominate the Tohoak region. As you traverse through the region, you’ll uncover the mysteries surrounding Team DH, ancient legends, and the real meaning of being a Pokemon Trainer.



Dive into the Tohoak region’s diverse landscapes, from dense forests to underwater caverns. Along the way, meet a cast of characters, each with their own stories and challenges.


Engage in strategic turn-based battles. With the inclusion of Fakemon and rebalanced moves, battles in Vega require a fresh approach.

Gym Challenges: 

Conquer the region’s 8 gyms, each helmed by a formidable Gym Leader with their own specialized Pokemon teams.

Pokedex Completion: 

As with any Pokemon game, a significant challenge lies in catching them all. With over 180 new Pokemon designs, the hunt to fill up your Pokedex is more exhilarating than ever.

How to Play Pokemon Vega ROM on PC?

  1. Just like most of the other Pokemon games this one also required a GBA emulator to run on PC. 
  2. Get the emulator file from this page and start installing it on your PC. 
  3. After the complete installation of the emulator, download the game ROM file from here and then open the emulator and load the game in it. 
  4. This way the game will start. 

Final Words: 

Pokemon Vega offers an experience that is both familiar and fresh. With its new region, captivating storyline, and the introduction of Fakemon, it’s a must-play for any Pokemon enthusiast. Moreover, for a more diverse and interesting take, check out Pokemon Vega Fairy Edition EX ROM.

Watch the Game Screenshots

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