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Pokemon Volt White 2 Redux is a ROM hack of Pokemon White 2 Version and it is developed by AphexCubed & Drayano. Like the other ROM hacks available on this website, this one is also pretty interesting because of the features. In this version, you are able to capture all legendary and mythical Pokemon creatures which is impossible to do in many other games of this genre. Moreover, you also have to explore a wide area for this because the location of most of the Pokemon has also been changed in it, so you get a unique experience of playing this game. 

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Before telling you about the gameplay let me share with you an interesting feature of this game, in this updated remake version, there are over 600 Pokemon from first to fifth generations available, and you are able to enjoy the gameplay in three different difficulty modes, easy, challenge and dark city. The dark city mode is the most difficult one, so you should avoid it if you are a complete newbie. 

Although it is a remake version, the gameplay is the same with the addition of new things. You will see different options on the screen at the start of the game, such as Mystery Gift, Unova Link, and some settings options. Moreover, instead of the introduction from Professor Juniper here the developers introduced the game to you in their own way.

The additional features added in this version are new wild encounters, more challenging gameplay, extra boosts for weaker Pokemon, and the Unova Region where the game starts have also been upgraded with modern features. And for the ease of gamers, the makers have also provided documents where all the information about this game is available. Just download it and you get the information regarding the location of legendary Pokemon, the moves change, challenges you are going to face here, and many more. 

Download Pokemon Volt White 2 Redux ROM for PC

Also, there is no need to trade the Pokemon with other trainers to get the rare ones, because you can capture all of these on your own. Just follow the documents that I have shared with you and you are able to find all the Pokemon creatures in a short span of time. You will also experience the movesets and abilities of the Pokemon creatures, many things have been updated in this version. 

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How to Play Pokemon Volt White 2 Redux on PC?

Just follow these steps and you can easily download and play this game on your PC. 

  1. First start with downloading the ROM Hack file on your PC, the download link is available on this page. 
  2. Next, you need an emulator. The game supports the Nintendo DS emulator, which is also known as the NDS emulator. 
  3. We have also provided the link to the emulator as well, just simply download it. 
  4. Next, select the ROM file and open it via the emulator.
  5. Now click on the RUN button and the game will start.

Final Words:

Pokemon Volt White 2 Redux is an interesting addition to the Pokemon game series and because of its upgraded storyline and many features that I have explained to you in this article, I am sure you will like this version.

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