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There is no doubt that many Pokemon game lovers like to play the ROM hacks and the reason is simple, owing to these Hacks players are able to enjoy the same version of the original Pokemon in completely new twists. One such game is Pokemon Volt White ROM which I am providing you on this website. Moreover, these ROM hacks are completely free to play, so those who don’t like to spend any amount can enjoy it a lot. 


Enhanced Pokemon Availability:

All 649 Pokemon from Generations I-V are available for capture. This means players have the chance to assemble their dream team without trading

Difficulty Levels:

The game offers a more challenging experience compared to the official games. Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and other key battles have been revamped to test even the most seasoned Pokemon trainers.

Move Changes:

Some Pokemon have received new move sets and abilities, enhancing their utility and making battle strategies even more diverse.

Hidden Abilities:

Hidden abilities from Generation V are available for Pokemon, a feature that is not present in the original Black and White games.

Aesthetic Upgrades:

Improved battle scenes and modified graphics give a fresh look to familiar settings.

Other Changes:

Wild double battles in shaking grass, a tweaked experience curve, and modifications to some evolution methods.


Battle Mechanics:

Trainers should anticipate harder battles, as many opponents boast competitive-level Pokemon with advanced move sets. Strategy and preparation become pivotal to success.

Catch ‘Em All Challenge:

With every Pokemon from the first five generations available, players can truly catch them all. This adds a rich layer of exploration and training.

Trade Evolution Alternatives:

To make the game self-contained, trade evolutions have been modified. Now, you can evolve Pokemon like Machoke or Haunter without the need to trade.

Starter Pokemon:

Players get to choose from the original starters from the Unova region: Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott. However, as the game progresses, you’ll encounter starters from other regions too.


The heart of Pokemon Volt White remains closely tied to the original Black and White games. Set in the Unova region, a land distant from the previous regions like Kanto or Johto, players begin their journey in Nuvema Town. As a young Pokemon trainer, you set out to challenge the Pokemon gyms of Unova, aim for the Pokemon League, and unravel the mysteries of the region.

Along the way, you’ll encounter Team Plasma, a group that believes Pokemon should be freed from human influence. Their leader, N, is a charismatic figure who challenges your beliefs about the bond between Pokemon and trainers. As the story unfolds, you’ll dive into themes of freedom, friendship, and the moral implications of the Pokemon world.

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How to play Pokemon Volt White ROM on PC?

  1. You are able to play this game on your PC by installing the NDS emulator in it. 
  2. The link to the emulator is available on this page, so get the emulator from here and start the installation. 
  3. After the complete installation, the next step is not so difficult, you have to download the game ROM file, unzip it, and then load it in the emulator. 
  4. The way the game will start on your PC.


Pokemon Volt White isn’t just another Pokemon game; it’s a reimagined experience that takes everything you love about Pokemon and amplifies it. Whether you’re a newbie setting out on your first Pokemon journey or a veteran looking for a challenging twist, Volt White promises a memorable adventure. So, trainers, gear up, and let’s venture into the electrifying world of Pokemon Volt White. 

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