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Pokemon Zeta/Omicron is one of the best Pokemon games and almost everyone likes to play them on their PC. That is why after getting so much acclimation from gamers I have decided to share with you the download link of this game as well as the features and other essential information. This game is available totally for free and the best thing is that there is no need for the emulator to run on PC and if this question pops up in your mind about how you play this game, read this whole article I have shared with you the detailed information regarding this game here. 

About Pokemon Zeta/Omicron ROM:

This wonderful game was developed by “northrone” and it takes almost 11 months to complete it. According to the developer, this one is the latest 1.3.0 version of this game where new regions, gyms, and mega evolution-related things have been modified. 

This game contains many interesting features which will definitely force you to play it right now. Among all those features the top one is the availability of 649 Pokemon including the shadow ones. Moreover, the availability of fun new moves, Randomizer Mode, Online trading and battling custom Gyms, and many other features are also included. 

You get to know all other information related to features in the guide section of this game and some of the cool features like the one I have mentioned are also mentioned in the introduction of this game when you first start playing. 

Remember Pokemon Zeta and Omicron are two different games and on this page, I have provided you the link to both of these. Also, both these games are quite similar with a little difference in some Pokemon availability and the opposing teams and it is everyone’s personal choice which one they like to pick for playing. 

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How to play Pokemon Zeta ROM on PC?

To run this game on your PC follow this step-by-step guide. 

  1. First download the game file from this page, the link is available here. 
  2. After that unzip the folder to get the game file. 
  3. Now open the folder written game on it. 
  4. Next double-click on that folder, and a pop-up window will appear, click on the RUN button and the game will start installing. 
  5. Now just wait a little and when the installation completes start playing the game. 

Final Words:

Both Pokemon Zeta and Omicron are the best games owing to many reasons, such as Delta Pokemon, HM Items, and many mystery gifts. So, download the games and start enjoying adventure, friendship, and exploration. And if you want to enjoy any other game apart from these then there are plenty of options available for you on this site and the best thing is that every game is free. 

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